Coming soon...
*Building expansion plans
 -RPG Corner - "DM" controlled VR/Digital map display table. 
 -Driving Sim
 -3D Printing refined - 3D scanning, multiple printable materials  (filaments) and VR sculpting compatable with 3D printing.
 -Private 10' X 10' room scale
 -2nd flight sim - for dogfights and co-op online.

 -Game Devolpment - Currently working on a VR game hoping to recruit more     people.
 -Peripheral development - Already have a few designs, we want to         start working on prototypes.

  -VR Classes - current education VR programs need to be shared. VR is for     more than gaming!
  -Clubs - RPG groups,Robotic/drone club.
  -Donate VR Systems to local schools - we belive in the teaching        power of being immersed in VR and we want to share it!

  -Green power - We plan to convert to sustainable power as we grow. 

If you have any feedback or would like to contribute to any of our goals let us know!