These are the titles we currently offer.
 We also offer demos of many more titles, so don't hesitate to come  see what is new.
 Survive the Zombie apocalypse ammo is scarce so aim for the  
  head .
 * Campaign- Fight your way to safety as you scavenge  post  
   apocalyptic Arizona.   1 - 2 players.
 * Horde Mode- Defend your camp from waves of zombies.
    1 - 4  players.

   An onslaught of orcs, ogres and dragons are coming  use your  archery skills to fend them off .    1 - 4 players.

  Co-Op is here! Play from stationary platforms teaming up with friends and others online players to fight waves of drones or take to the waste land on your "hover junker" and battle it out for junk supremacy. In this FPS Mulitplayer. 1 - 3 Players.

Single Player:
   Future robots  mocking interpretation of current day jobs.
 Do your job or dont. 
 Choose from:
 *Gourmet Chef
 *Office Worker
  *Convenience Store Clerk.

 Shoot and slash your way through wave after wave of interdeminsional monsters! In this FPS survival title. It is a matter of bullets and batteries keeping you from letting humanity slip in to darkness after a experiment went terribly wrong.

 A bunch of exciting Mini games and VR experiences:
 *Slingshot - Useing the core calibration slingshot, cause maximum                                  destruction.
 *Longbow - Defend your Castles walls from invasion.
 *Xortex - Become an ace as you test you pilot skills from threats all                             around you.
 *Solar System - A new look at the solar system.
 *Postcards - Visit exotic locatoins from the comfort of your own head.
                                                                             *Human MedicalScan - explore a highly deailed model of the human                                                                                                                                 body.
                                                                             *Secret Shop - Cast spells, look at artifacts shop for familiars.
                                                                             *Robot Repair - Aperture Science's Human diversity Outreach Program                                                                                                             is now hiring, So get busy and fix some robots.